Membership Registration


Any person wishing to join the LIC Funeral Fund (LICFF) must register their details in the form below. Registered members commit to pay an agreed monthly instalment for themselves and any other member of their family whom they wish to register under their contract. Proof of I.D. is required for all family members.


The agreed amount, or "premium", would be a fixed amount, but would be subject to change if so required by LICFF giving notice of no less than 30 calendar days.


Family packages are available at a discounted rate. The contract can be terminated by either the applicant or LICFF at any time, based on the terms and conditions of the contract - but there is no refund policy. (We would need to check the validity of this point under contract law- UCTA unfair contract terms Act).


Payments are to be made by ‘Standing Order’ only. Membership would be open to any Muslim resident in south London.


  • Membership registration required.

  • Family packages available.

  • Monthly installments must be paid in order to maintain the Funeral Fund.

  • Instalments are fixed and paid through Standing Order.

  • Instalments can also be custom made to fit members’ requests. Please ask our administrator for more details.

  • Terms and conditions apply for membership registration.

NOTE: To complete the form online you will need an email address. If you do not have one you can print this form (See the end of the form). Once you fill in your form please bring it to our admin office at Lewisham Islamic Centre or send it to:

LIC Funeral Fund

363 - 365 Lewisham High Street


SE13 6NZ

General Data Protection Regulation 2018


Please take a few minutes to carefully read this section as it contains important information relating to the details or information that you have given to LIC Funeral Fund and any other detail you supply LIC Funeral Fund within the future. This Notice should be known to anyone covered or proposed to be covered under this policy. This section explains how LIC Funeral Fund will use your details provided.


Any personal information that is supplied to LIC Funeral Fund will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.


Any detail or information you provide about yourself and family members will be used by LIC Funeral Fund to process funeral service for you or your family members specified in the membership contract in accordance with the Data Protection Act and any other law that is applicable.