Exclusions to this Funeral Fund


We will not cover the cost of funeral services for a person:


1)  In any circumstances that are shown under the exclusions section in your policy schedule.


2)  If the member terminates the membership contract, in which case this policy will be void. In the case of a terminated membership contract, we have a No Refund policy.


3) Repatriation cost. This policy does not cover repatriation of the deceased member or whoever is named as family members within their Policy to the UK.


4) If for any reason the funeral is not successfully completed by the appointed Funeral Service Provider (FSP), we will NOT be liable or deemed in breach of contract.​

5)  LIC Funeral Fund shall in no circumstances be liable to the Client for any loss, claim or liability of whatever nature caused by the acts or omissions of any third party.

6)  Bury the deceased beyond London/M25 unless additional costs for this has been agreed to be paid by the bereaved family members.