Terms and Conditions


As with any service company, we have our Terms and Conditions that set out the legal basis of our relationship and, along with our Code of Practice, are there to protect everyone concerned. These arrangements can only be changed if authorised by the governing body of LIC Funderal Fund (LICFF). The Terms and Conditions are as follows:-


1)  This Contract shall be entered between LICFF and the Client by the Client filling in an application form (whether electronic or paper based). No verbal variation of the terms of this Contract shall be effective. These conditions apply to the exclusion of, and in the place of, any terms proposed or put forward by the Client; and shall only be capable of variation by a written amendment to them, approved by the governing body of LICFF. No verbal warranties, representations, agreements or assurances shall bind LICFF, other than where provided for in this Contract, or by law.


2)  Subject to the terms of this Contract, and in consideration of the payment of LICFF’s Premiums, and of any other monies which may become due under this Contract - LICFF shall pay for or cover the costs involved in Islamic funeral activities for the Deceased, from receiving the Deceased at the Collection Point; performing the required funeral activities in Islam; to transporting the Deceased to the burial destination.


3)  If the member's details (full names, dates of birth, etc) as shown in the policy schedule are incorrect at the time of the signing of the contract, the terms of this policy shall allow the member to correct the details within the first 30 days; else the contract may become void.


4)  If the member intentionally provides us with incorrect details, we are entitled to cancel this policy for security reasons. No refund would be given.


5)  If the Deceased member, or a member in the family package, resides outside the UK, we reserve the right to decline covering funeral costs for the Deceased.


6)  We may make changes to the policy terms and conditions that we reasonably consider are appropriate, due to a change in any applicable legislation, regulation or taxation. In such circumstances, we will notify you before 30 calendar days of any changes being made.


7)  The cost of funeral services offered to the registered member entails options like choosing the desired mosque and burial ground within reasonable cost, as decided by LICFF.


8)  All communication in relation to this policy will be in British English.


9)  The right to exercise any option under this policy, or to exercise any right conferred by this policy, is limited to such as allowed in the terms of the policy, and are compatible with the options and benefits specified in the type of membership package contracted between the member and LICFF.


10)  All notices of concern should be sent to our principal office.

11)  The member must be a Muslim.


12)  Members of the family package must be Muslims.


13)  LIC Funeral Fund must be given the full right to contact and negotiate with third parties to perform an Islamic funeral for the deceased member.


14)  The member must be able to keep up with premium payment at the agreed date.

15)  The family of the deceased member have the option to continue to pay into the Funeral Fund Plan as a means of Sadaqah for the deceased member in order to help those who cannot afford a burial or those who have no family to take responsibility for burying their deceased.